To prevent venous disease - For light varicosis - Treatment after vein operations

Plantar pain - Forefoot and toe deformities

Calcaneal spur (Insertion tendopathy of the plantar aponeurosis)

Post-operatively after hallux valgus surgery

Hallux valgus – conservative and postoperative treatment

Early functional treatment for injuries of the lateral malleolar ligaments (and the bifurcate ligaments)

Achillodynia (Tendinosis, paratendinitis,bursitis subachillea, [Haglund’s deformity])

Achillodynia (Tendinosis, paratendinitis,bursitis subachillea, [Haglund’s deformity]

Ligament instability - Post-operative rehabilitation - Supination prophylaxis, especially when playing sports

Postoperative and posttraumatic irritation (e.g. after sprains) - Joint effusions and swellings from osteoarthritis and arthritis

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