ValguLoc - Stabilizing orthosis for big toe correction.


Hallux valgus – conservative and postoperative treatment



  • Hallux valgus – conservative and postoperative treatment

Mode of actions
  • The big toe is brought into correct axial alignment by the application of small forces.aligaLoc® stabilizes the ankle by counteracting supination.
  • ValguLoc® corrects hallux valgus according to the 3-point principle and stretches shortened parts of the capsule and soft tissues
  • Postoperative loss of correction (e.g. due to scar formation), can be avoided, and the splinting helps protect the big toe from mechanical forces

  • ValguLoc® is a postural splint for the correction of hallux valgus.
  • ValguLoc® is anatomically contoured and its simple construction ensures its ease of use by patients.
  • Velcro fastening allows infi nitely variable adjustment of the correction pressure.
  • ValguLoc® is worn without shoes and is not suitable for walking.

Size selection instruction :

Interview the ordinary patient’s UK-Shoe Size Then select the size by compare to shoe size in below sizing Chart. Finally, Select for Left or Right leg and shoe size result before         

Fitting Instructions : See insert fitting note (in package) 

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