ViscoPed S - Viscoelastic insoles for the reduction of shock loads


Plantar pain - Forefoot and toe deformities



  • Plantar pain
  • Forefoot and toe deformities
  • Pressure redistribution
  • Arthralgia

Mode of actions
  • The viscoelastic inserts reduce shock loads, particularly in the forefoot and heel areas.
  • Special soft pads in the metatarsal head (MTH) and heel areas reduce load peaks and alleviate, or eliminate, painful irritation
  • ViscoPed® reduces impact loads on the ankle, knee, hip and spine

  • ViscoPed® is a sole-length viscoelastic insert.
  • ViscoPed® incorporates a metatarsal pad and a slightly contoured arch support.
  • ViscoPed® inserts are non-slip and can be worn in walking, sports and work shoes.

Size selection instruction :

Interview the patient’s shoe size in UK standard, Then select the size by below sizing Chart. Finally, see code comparing to Hospital Code   

Fitting Instructions : See insert fitting note (in package) 

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