AchilloTrain Pro - Active support with high-reaching friction insert.


Achillodynia (Tendinosis, paratendinitis,bursitis subachillea, [Haglund’s deformity])



  • Achillodynia (Tendinosis, paratendinitis,bursitis subachillea, [Haglund’s deformity]) 
  • Postoperative, for example following chronic diseases of the Achillles tendon/ligaments

Mode of actions
  • The continuous transition between compression and decompression (similar to a friction massage) through the integrated nubs accelerates the healing process and through the longitudinal grooves reduces edema.
  • The simultaneous proprioceptive stimulation of the nerve endings in the muscle transitions improves muscularcontrol. The sensorimotor quality is positively infl uenced and the neuromyonal system supported. This leads to synchronization and muscle activities.


  • The new viscoelastic insert is provided with soft, proprioceptive stimulating nubs on the inside as well as longitudinal grooves. The upper third tendon and the muscle-tendon transition with the related operating “nerve endings“ (place receptors) are stimulated by two wing-like inserts.
  • The knit with integrated stretch zone in the ventral tibia area makes it easier for the patient to apply and remove the support.
  • If needed, a heel lift with a shock absorbing heel cushion is recommended.
  • The short knit section in the foot area prevents pressure points on the fifth metatarsal bones.
  • The active support is anatomically knit to provide an excellent fi t and is very comfortable to wear.

Size selection instruction :

Take Ankle circumference Measurement in Centimeters then select the size by below sizing Chart. Finally, Product are universal Left and Right leg please select by the size which measuring before                   

Fitting Instructions : See insert fitting note (in package) 

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