ViscoSpot - Stabilizing orthosis for immobilization of the wrist.


Calcaneal spur (Insertion tendopathy of the plantar aponeurosis)



  • Calcaneal spur (Insertion tendopathy of the plantar aponeurosis)
  • Achillodynia – tendomyopathy
  • Haglund‘s deformity – partial relief
  • Leg length differences up to approx. 1 cm (evening out)
  • Plantar fasciitis (calcaneal pain)

Mode of actions
  • The softer material (blue spot) incorporated in the “calcaneal spur“ area provides targeted relief at this point.
  • ViscoSpot® reduces impact loads on the ankle, knee, hip and spine.

  • ViscoSpot® is a viscoelastic heel pad with anatomically contoured soft cushioning.
  • The star-shaped anchoring of the blue spot ensures a smooth transition between the harder and softer materials, thereby reducing pressure at the edges.
  • ViscoSpot® is available for use on either foot (with a compensating pad for the other foot) or both feet.

Size selection instruction :

Interview the patient’s shoe size in UK standard, Then select the size by below sizing Chart. Finally, see code comparing to Hospital Code      

Fitting Instructions : See insert fitting note (in package) 

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