CaligaLoc - Stabilizing orthosis for partial immobilization of the ankle


Conservative treatment of torn ankle ligaments



  • Conservative treatment of torn ankle ligaments.
  • Postoperative protection after ligamental suturing / reconstruction.
  • Temporary stabilization for posttraumatic tarsal sinus syndrome and decompensated instability
    of the subtalar joint
  • Permanent stabilization for chronic instability of the upper and/or lower ankle where surgery is

Mode of actions
  • CaligaLoc® stabilizes the ankle by counteracting supination.
  • CaligaLoc® prevents abnormal load situations in the upper and,to a certain extent, lower ankle.
  • The integrated pronating raised heel section takes the strain off the lateral malleolar ligaments.

  • CaligaLoc® is the logical outcome of the development of the proven MHH ankle splint.
  • The stability element is anatomically contoured and can be reshaped if necessary.
  • CaligaLoc® can be worn round the clock, as a support splint in normal shoes during the day and as a postural splint, without shoes, at night.

Size selection instruction :

Interview the ordinary patient’s UK-Shoe Size Then select the size by compare to shoe size in below sizing Chart. Finally, Select for Left or Right leg and shoe size result before          

Fitting Instructions : See insert fitting note (in package) 

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