Kool Sling - SHOULDER/ARM SLING(copy)


Shoulder injuries or instabilities - Arthroscopic repair


Categories : Shoulder Breg Shoulder


The Kool Sling features Airmesh fabric for enhanced breathability and a cool, comfortable fit. It also includes extra padding around the neck for added comfort, quick release buckles for ease of application, and a thumb rest to minimize migration.


  • Shoulder injuries or instabilities
  • Arthroscopic repair

Kool Sling offers the following benefits:

  • Comprised of Airmesh ®, a moisture wicking fabric, for enhanced breathability and comfort 
  • Quick release buckles for easy adjustment
  • Universal left or right

Measurement Method: วัดจากปลายข้อศอก(Olecranon) ถึง ปลายข้อนิ้วที่ 1 ขณะที่กำ(knuckles)


Fitting Instructions: See insert fitting note (in Products package)


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