EpiTrain - Active support for targeted compression of the elbow.


Epicondylopathies - Osteoarthritis/arthritis


Categories : Elbow Bauerfeind Elbow


  • Epicondylopathies (e.g. tennis elbow, golfer‘s elbow)
  • Osteoarthritis/arthritis
  • Postoperative and posttraumatic irritation
  • Tendomyopathy

Mode of actions
  • Regulated compression alleviates pain and helps resolve spasms.
  • The insert redistributes compression away from the epicondyles to the surrounding soft tissues. 
  • The profile insert provides intermittent compression for improved metabolism in the radial and ulnar areas.


  • New knitting concept: particularly stretchy, breathable and moisture dissipating for effective compression in the elbow area.
  •  Anatomically knit: for wearing comfort and secure positioning.
  • Viscoelastic inserts with epicondyle cut-outs relieve pressure and facilitate secure positioning of the support.
  • Reduced compression at the edges of the support reduces the risk of circulation problems.

Size selection instruction :

Take arm circumference (12 cm. below the elbow) Measurement in Centimeters, Then select the size by below sizing Chart which divide by gender men and Lady as differ medical devices version. (Titanium is default Color)                            

Fitting Instructions:    See insert fitting note (in package)

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